Lower East Side born Artist, ClockWork Cros, has been on a run for some time now. From SOHO to The LES, Crosby has most recently made his mark with 6 coinciding exhibitions, all worth the time. Crosby is creating time, with an array of functional Wall Clocks of POPular faces. From his series of Melting Clocks to Laser Wood-Cut Clocks, there is no shortage of time when dealing with ClockWork Cros. He’s gained the respect and support from everyone, including members of his hometown like Mikey of MIKEY LIKES IT Ice Cream, on the Lower East Side. Here is where you can stop in to see which of Crosby’s Clocks represent your favorite flavor of the summer. I’ve known Crosby for some time now. When I initially met Crosby years back, he was directing a music videos. Since then, I’ve personally witnessed Crosby grow as an all around artist. I photographed Cros’ as we went on a journey from SOHO to the Lower East Side, visiting his coinciding exhibitions and un-official headquarters.

FIRST STOP-312 Bowery, WallPlay (BLANK) Shop,  NOHO.  “KILLIN’ TIME”  Presented by ClockWork Cros.  Pop-Up Shop/Exhibtion. Artist, ClockWork Cros, in front & inside of his exhibition/pop-up shop. Over 100 Clocks and Crosby’s rendition of Johannes Vermeer “Girl With the Pearl Earring”

Unofficial Headquarters, Fed-Ex, Astor Place.Manual Labor, clock by clock, individually cut by Crosby, inside of Fed-Ex

Crosby making his way, from SOHO to the Lower EastSide, to MIKEY LIKES IT, Gourmet ICE CREAM, 199 AVE A, Lower East Side. Crosby alongside MIKEY. CROSBY displaying his “CLOCKS OF The MONTH”, which represent the various flavors of MIKEY LIKES IT ice cream.  

MAX FISH, 120 Orchard St, Lower Eastside, over 50 Clocks on Display. Crosby in front of his display, holding a set of his final pieces, boxed up for his collectors.

CROSBY, installing and re-installing sold clocks inside of ETHIK CLothing, 160 ORCHARD St, Lower East Side.


"I’ve only really taken the Clock thing serious for the last year and a half, and all these doors keep opening up. I’ve been a part of about 14 Exhibitions and my Clocks were displayed in about another 45 events last year. This year I’ve already done 8 in 3 different countries. I went out to Art Basel in Miami last year with my own money and locked down a random art fair and ended up selling out all 50 of my Melting Clocks to a gallery in Miami, which was dope. I came back to the Lower East Side like a home town hero. I went out to the republic of Georgia and exhibited work with my sis, Lola Jiblazee. We had 3 T.V stations come out and they dubbed me in Georgian, which was hilarious. Then I flew to London and exhibited work there as well. Once I came back, I just wanted to take over the hood again, to let everyone know I really do this. There are currently 6-7 spots exhibiting my clocks all throughout the Lower East Side and SOHO. I have a show with my folks at Max Fish, as well as at Ethik (Clothing), which is down the block from each other, meaning Orchard Street is on smash from 12-12 every day. By the time Ethik closes for the night, Max Fish is opening so people can purchase a clock on Orchard Street at any time. Mikey Likes It Ice Cream on Ave A, displays a new Clock every month to go with the new flavor of the month. Mikey is from the LES too, so I’ve been supporting him heavy since day one. We’re really putting on for the Lower East Side in many respects. I also have a bunch of Clocks inside of Micro Mrkt, located on Lafeyette St. Micro. I have a bunch of special edition Chalk Clocks I collaborated on with New York Romantics inside of Grungy Gentlemen’s showroom and studio on Broadway. SOHO on smash. I also had a giant Pop-Up shop on Bowery, (WallPlay (BLANK) Shop) for two weeks with a bunch of different works from pervious shows, so people could really see how much work I’m putting in. I did that inside of the Pop-Up show because I never show the same piece twice if it’s a 1/1. Most times, I literally can’t show the same piece twice because someone buys it, but that’s the point right? I didn’t serve drinks at the closing of the Pop-Up show; I served 12 pounds of grapes on some Greek Spartan 300 shit….HaHa."  

-What are your plans for the future? 

"I would like to be able to go back out to Miami and crush it even more, without having to set up everything myself. That would really allow me to focus on the work itself rather than getting it up in the first place. I got a spot in Times Square that’s going to pick up my Clocks, so I’ll be dead center, in the middle of the Worlds Stage. I’m also finally going to get back to getting my music out. I’ve been rapping since I was 13 but I’ve layed low the last couple years. When I drop my music, people will check for the name and then the music will do the rest. If you’re real, people can tell. That’s the most I’m willing to say on the music. The project is called "Love Me Like I’m Dead Already". Fuck with me"- Crosby