This Friday November 13th, Analog Photographer Jeff Meltz will be exhibiting Polaroids from his "FRIEND of A FRIEND" project in the Lower East Side (16 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002). Along with the exhibit, Jeff will be releasing a book, further detailing his IRL experience. From a challenging idea, to a successful KICKSTARTER campaign, here is how Jeff Meltz is contributing to the ever growing analog film community,   

"I'm a photographer and social media manager probably best known as "a somewhat funny person on Twitter" (not my words), a "retired" NYC party photographer, and a blogger who runs"

"It started with an idea and a challenge: shoot 100 different instant film portraits of 100 individuals all in one summer, Memorial Day to Labor Day. All of the subjects were people I knew through digital means (social media followers/follows, connections made over email, etc.) Whether I've known the subject for years or days, the point at first was to see if I could photograph 100 people in about 100 days"

"As the project went on, I realized that I was capturing intersecting circles of artists, musicians, designers, etc who all share a similar sensibility, drive, and experience, as well as friends and acquaintances. The photographs spotlight over 100 people in fashion and style, media and tech, music and nightlife, and all sorts in between. They serve as relics of NYC’s creators in 2015."

"Throughout the project, I've been posting the images to my blog, but that makes what was analog, digital. This book and gallery exhibition will keep the physicality of the instant frames, reproducing relationships made possible by technology and the geography of NYC, but compacting them into material spaces (print & in-person)"